25 Aug

Invisible braces are an important part of Invisalign. You can choose from several types of braces that are made of invisible materials. These invisible braces have brackets which fit directly over each tooth, but are not seen when the braces are on. They do not require adjusting, so teeth alignment is not an issue with these braces. However, they do not provide any visual correction of the teeth and mouth shape, and they cannot correct spacing or overcrowding.
Ceramic braces (invisalign most popular) The majority of invisible braces come in ceramic. Ceramic braces use brackets made from a special plastic film. Get more info on the best invisible aligners. Because the braces are transparent, your orthodontists and other staff will know what type of brackets you have. The wires used are tucked securely under the plastic film, so that patients can't see them. The wires, along with the brackets, are bonded to the brackets with an invisible welding process.
Ceramic braces are comfortable to wear and they are very durable. They are also almost invisible, so nobody will know that you are wearing invisible braces. There are many benefits of ceramic braces as compared to traditional braces. One of the main benefits is that the wires are very thin, which means that less than 0.2% of the teeth are covered by the wires, which leads to minimal discomfort for the wearer.
The Invisalign aligner An Invisalign aligner is a small plastic device that fits directly inside the mouth. This small aligner is used to slowly and gently move the teeth while you are brushing your teeth, just like traditional metal braces. An aligner can also help align teeth when you have gaps in your smile, like if you have multiple fillings, or if you wear dentures. The benefits of the invisible braces are:
Visibility - most people will not notice that you are wearing invisible braces because they are so small and you can barely notice them when they are worn. Get more info on the retainer for teeth straightening. However, this benefit is not very important for some. Most people want their teeth to look as natural as possible and if they have gaps in their smile, this may be the way to go. You can still choose between bands, clear aligners or custom fitted braces.
Comfort - wearing invisible braces or clear aligners is very comfortable because there are no wires or brackets on your face. Even if you have braces on your teeth, you probably wouldn't want them to be visible every time you brush your teeth, so most people get by with only minimal visibility. Most orthodontists recommend that you first visit with an office before choosing where to get your invisible braces. Visiting an orthodontist's office will let the orthodontist evaluate your mouth and take measurements before deciding which brackets will fit best. Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dental_braces.

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